Spirits on Stone


Visitors travel along the scenic north shore of Lake Superior curious about its ancient history. Ojibwa medicine men left mysterious images painted on Agawa Rock in Lake Superior Provincial Park. Their descendants preserved many ancient native traditions and legends about life on the world’s largest freshwater lake. For the first time, red ochre pictographs are interpreted by these Ojibwa elders who also narrate their secret history of a spiritual landscape – Lake Superior.

Spirits on Stone presents Ojibwa oral history and ancient legends collected from Lake Superior area tribal elders in Ontario and Michigan. This book contains the most detailed record of Ojibwa traditions regarding Lake Superior and uses the pictographs at Agawa Rock as reference points.

Fred Pine, a Garden River Ojibwa born in 1897, and his uncle Dan Pine born in 1900, revealed much of the material in this book about their ancestor Shingwauk.